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Why Honey Connect?

Earn more

Make every month count with Honey Connect. Our mobile network not only offers you the best rates but also gives you the chance to earn residual income effortlessly.

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Our network offers data and airtime rates that go with distance, ensuring you’re always connected when you need it most. Stay connected, stay productive.

Income for life

Discover the power of earning passive income:
Earn every time a customer tops up their account – forever.

Unmatched data and airtime rates that do NOT expire:

220MB data
@ R19
Bonus 22MB

330MB data
@ R29
Bonus 33MB

550MB data
@ R39
Bonus 55MB

1GB data
@ R49
Bonus 100MB

1.5GB data
@ R69
Bonus 150MB

3GB data
@ R139
Bonus 300MB

4GB data
@ R169
Bonus 400MB

6GB data
@ R229
Bonus 600MB

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Ts & Cs: The prices for data bundles are subject to change without notice.

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